Motor Mount Spacers for MK5 and MK6

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Motor mount spacer kit for OEM and also specific to after market mounts such as BSH, Torque Solution, Revo, and others that copied the same design. This kit raises the engine and transmission by 1 inch (25.4mm) or .75"(19mm). Helps to raise the oil pan to avoid damaging it while driving a lowered car, Also can help with axle bind on lowered cars by leveling the axle. Spacers are machined in house out of 6061 aluminum and included extended hardware.

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Please insure that your car has sufficient clearance under the hood to raise your engine 1"

Kit Includes

  • Motor Mount Spacer - 1
  • Trans Mount Spacer - 2
  • Dog Bone Spacer - 2
  • Extended 10.9 bolts - 6
  • Extended dog bone bolts - 2