MK5/6 Standard Tubular Control Arms

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Our standard tubular control arms are geared towards people looking for just more predictable steering, better articulation that poly or rubber bushings cannot provide for lower cars, mild camber adjustment, and a lighter yet stiffer design than the stamped steel arms. But do not necessarily need the amount of adjustment our adjustable arms offer.

They're constructed in a triangulated tubular design giving them an extremely good strength to weight ratio. The arms are 100% bolt-on and require no modification. They're supplied with custom machined misalignment spacers to provide an exact fit while still allowing the heim joints to have full range of motion.

*Specific design of arms may vary slightly from pictures to facilitate different ball-joint types etc.


  • MK5 Jetta
  • MK6 Jetta Sportwagen (NOT MK6 Jetta Sedans.)
  • MK5 GTI, Rabbit, Golf
  • MK6 GTI, Rabbit, Golf