MK5/6 Adjustable Control Arms

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MK5/6 tubular adjustable control arm kit.

These allow for full control of camber and caster adjustment. They're suitable for a wide array of goals. From motorsport use all the way to purely for as much camber as possible on a show car.

For people wanting to use these to get as much front camber as possible it's important that there is a good balance of camber being added at the top (strut tower) and lower (using these arms to extend ball-joint outward). By solely using these arms to extend the ball-joint outward you will reach a point where the whole wheel will appear as if its just being pushed outward and not "tilted" outward. So we recommend using some kind of adjustable plate at the strut tower or our fixed camber plates if maximum camber is your number one goal. Ball-joint can be extended outward 1.5" (See pictures of adjuster extended vs not)

For people more geared toward performance these are a great solution to the sloppy stock, stamped steel with rubber bushings, arms. They have been tested on dedicated road racing cars with great success. Being able to precisely dial in the camber and caster along with the rigidity from the construction of the arms make them ideal for anyone wanting to improve their steering and handling. Improvements also have been seen on high horsepower cars mostly focusing on straight line acceleration. With the rigidity of the arms they act as a form of "traction bar" keeping the wheel firmly planted and eliminating wheel hop.


  • MK5 Jetta
  • MK6 Jetta Sportwagen (NOT MK6 Jetta Sedans.)
  • MK5 GTI, Rabbit, Golf
  • MK6 GTI, Rabbit, Golf
  • Audi A3 8P chassis