1.8t Block Breather and Valve Cover -10 Adapters

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These two adapter fittings are needed in order to run a catch can with -10 fittings and lines, like ours that we offer. The 6061 billet aluminum and anodized black. 

The smaller fitting is installed on the valve cover. You first need to remove the steel barb fitting that the stock PCV hose attaches to. This can be done with a pair of pliers. Then insert the new -10 adapter fitting. Freezing the adapter fitting first can help to insert it in the hole along with some lube. Be careful not to damage the threads by banging on it to get it fully inserted. Screw an old fitting/hose end on to the adapter first before doing any extra persuading or banging to get it in. 

The larger fitting inserts into the top side of the oil filter housing. Replacing the plastic 90 degree elbow. The same o-ring that fits on to the stock elbow must be used on the underside of the adapter as well. Along with the stock C-clip to secure the adapter in the filter housing. 

This is for both both fittings mentioned and pictured.