Axle Spacers For 108mm and 100mm Flanges

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Pair of Axle Spacers 19mm (0.74”), 25mm (0.98"), 30mm (1.18"), or 40mm (1.575") thick. Designed to work with most 108mm flanged MK4-MK7 manual transmissions, including most but not all 02j 02m 02q and DSG.

Now include any 100mm flanges like ones found on MK4 TDI 5-speed and a few other newer 5-speeds.

When choosing the flange size and you want to be positive which is correct for you...

The 108mm flange uses (6) 10mm bolts to secure the axle to the flange. Measuring 93mm across from hole center to hole center.

The 100mm flange use (6) 8mm bolts and measures 85mm across from hole center to hole center.

Necessary for anyone extending the lower ball-joint/spindle outward 1”+. Exact camber figures needed are subjective and can vary because adding camber up top can negate some of the extending outward of the ball joint. Also useful to folks doing swaps into an older chassis like a mk1 or mk2 and need to use 100mm axles. Lifted vehicles also tend to need these.

CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum. Made in America, in house. 

Please include transmission code in the notes at checkout.

Axle Flange Thickness -
There are 2 options. Axles with a tripod style inner joint, for example, have a thin, about 1/4" thick, flange that meets up to the axle cup and the stock bolts are 23mm long. For these with a thin flange select SMALL. Axles with a cross-groove style inner joint have the bolts going through the joint housing and require a longer bolt, stock bolts for these are 52mm long. Select LARGE for these style axles. This insures that you receive the correct extended hardware.


Pair of axle Spacers (2) 

12pc - extended 12.9 grade hardware 

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